Success in business today depends on more than just the ability to produce and/or sell products. A modern business manager or administrator must also be proficient in managing finance, accounts, human resource, purchasing, marketing, stock control, office organisation and control, computerisation, communications, and  much more. This unique Program is designed not only for those seeking managerial posts in business, but also for those intending to establish their own businesses, and for those already running businesses need the expert guidance to ensure full PROFITABILITY in modern industry and commerce. It contains many valuable “tips” from successful business owners and managers.

The Executive Doctorate of Business Administration (EDBA) is a Professional Executive Develop Program for top management level with master degree qualifications seeking to deepen their understanding of the core elements of general management and business administration.
Taking an applied approach within a flexible learning environment, the curriculum is designed around integrated knowledge to challenge business professionals in the issues of day-to-day operations and strategic planning; both locally and internationally. 

This executive program format with a stipulated time frame of 12 months, is designed to balance senior executives demanding career and personal commitments with intensive study and professional development. It does not require significant blocks of time away from your organization. The program develops both hard and soft skills and provides practical, relevant knowledge to enable you to play a leading role in your organization and get to learn with award-winning CEOs and successful entrepreneurs. This program will also upgrade your profile and enlarge your business network.